Frontend WordPress Developer

Evolve Design Group is hiring a WordPress front-end developer to join their digital experience team, responsible for developing an exemplary user experience on top of an enterprise-scale WordPress foundation.

This will require writing clean, WordPress standardized, production-ready code, which will be integrated with the backend/APIs and refined via the QA process. You will collaborate with UX Design, Site Operation, Development, and SEO Teams. The front-end developer will remain engaged through the launch of the website to ensure that all required features function and perform at the highest level. Must work closely with the design and marketing teams, not only to identify gaps and vet the designs for feasibility but also to help inform the experience design through a technical lens. This is particularly important in the increasingly responsive web, where developers and designers need to work hand-in-hand to find solutions to a wide range of design challenges.


  • Use data modeling to create content components used for marketing.
  • Manage components and data to benefit scale through shared components.
  • Play a vital web applications development role where he/she will take the approved designs created by the UX team and convert them to functional front-end, ADA compliant, experiences within the WordPress infrastructure.
  • Translate hi-fidelity UI mockups to lightweight, semantic, WordPress standardized, HTML/CSS/JS with a keen attention to detail.
  • Implement responsive web design techniques in development by reviewing mock-ups, animating them on the desktop and mobile devices.
  • Collaborate with back-end developers and external agencies.
  • Implement UI Style with the help of SASS preprocessors.
  • Use of open-source tools and frameworks such as JS package managers and streaming build systems (e.g. NPM & Gulp) to improve front-end code structure, testing, and maintainability where possible.
  • Attend weekly and daily project meetings with ability to contribute when necessary.

Position Requirements:

  • Work within Evolve’s Winter Park location 80% of time
  • 3+ years of front-end focused web development (HTML, CSS, Vanilla JavaScript)
  • 3+ years of responsive HTML and CSS development
  • Working experience with the following:
    • SASS preprocessor
    • Building cross-browser compatibility
    • GIT source control
    • ADA compliant user interfaces
    • WordPress backend integration
    • WordPress frontend theme development
    • JSON data modeling
    • Third party social API integrations
    • Building user initiated web animations (either via CSS or JS)
  • Some experience with:
    • Popular JavaScript libraries/frameworks (e.g. React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, etc.)
    • Web Designing tools (e.g Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Sketch)
    • Experience conducting automated and manual tests, including but not limited to: regression, usability, unit, compatibility and compliance tests
    • Ability to translate layered hi-fidelity comps into ADA compliant, semantic HTML and CSS
    • Working within waterfall + agile hybrid workflows
    • Follow current and emerging trends/technologies
  • Strongly desired knowledge/experience with
    • Google’s Knowledge Graph
    • Linked open data
    • Jetpack
    • Google Tags
    • Client-side javascript templating (e.g. JSX, Mustache.js, Handlebars.js, etc.)
    • Serverside PHP templating (e.g. Twig, Blade, etc.)
    • Familiarity with WordPress AI technologies